Amazing Life Video

By Randal Coombs


Incredibly slowed down footage captures the day to day life in New York City from landmarks like Central Park to corner shop bodegas.


While visiting friends in the Big Apple in March, filmmaker Glen Vivaris took the opportunity to travel its boroughs and film everyday life.


Having moved to California from New York, Glen used a Samsung S10 to film the sights while he passed by in the city’s notorious stop-start traffic.


Using the camera’s slow-motion function, he managed to make the people in his video look almost like cardboard 2D cutouts.


Filming everything from NYPD cars to shoppers walking through Manhattan, Glen’s exquisite edit provides an amazing snapshot of life in the city that doesn’t sleep.


Glen said: “Moving to California made me appreciate New York City in a different way and I wanted to capture that.


“The effect of course is not an original one.


“There were several influences actually.


“With a background in graphic design, I was fascinated by how this effect almost turns people into static cutouts, like a 2D side-scrolling animation.”