Life Video

By Jack Mobley


These parents surprised their three children with a trip to every child’s dream holiday to Disneyland only for them to look completely nonplussed and throw a cap off the table in disgust.


Holly and Doc Crandall were expecting a huge, over the top reaction when revealing to their children: Maddie, 10, Ethan, 9 and Dylan, 5, that they would be going to Disneyland but that was not to be the case.


The children had been waiting patiently in their home in Prescott, Arizona with bowls covering the surprise tickets and hats that would unveil the surprise.


When the kids finally lifted the bowls and discovered the Disney themed caps and tickets, they were far from ecstatic, but rather disappointed.


The youngest, Dylan even went as far as to throw the hat and ticket on the floor, saying ‘I don’t like Disney’.


The sound of despair and disappointment sigh from the parents as they were expecting a big reaction.


Holly said: “I was really bummed. I was expecting cheers as happy tears, and all I got was crickets.


“Dylan really dislikes Mickey because he associates him with ‘little kids’ and he thinks he is a ‘big kid’ now.”


Holly later revealed that she had been on the phone for three hours and the children had waited for her hence the underwhelming reaction.


She continued: “The kids were all tired, and they lifted up the bowls expecting something grand just to find hats.


“They didn’t realise it was a trip to Disney right away, but even when they did, they were over it by then.


“My kids are sweet though, they all gathered around and hugged me after they noticed I was sad.”


However, the trip to Disneyland still went ahead as planned and the children were thrilled by the rides and shows that the park has to offer, but Dylan still couldn’t muster a smile for some pictures.