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A group of crazy engineers transformed a battered Volkswagen into a replica of Harry’s dog van from Dumb and Dumber.

Roman Pritula is a huge movie buff and decided to take a decrepit van and recreate Harry Dunne’s furry dog grooming van.

After covering the blue van from engine to boot with cream fur, the 32-year-old’s team added the final touches with flapping ears and a tail covering their radio.


Having finished the puppy project, Roman then takes the van to the streets of Saint Petersburg, Russia, where it turns heads and pedestrians ask to take pictures with it, including a bride and groom.

Roman said: “I’ve probably watched the film 100 times and to create this van was fulfilling a dream.

“Ever since I was a child, I have been dreaming about having a car like this.”

It took three days and 30 metres of fur to transform the Volkswagen Transporter II into the Mutts Cutts van.


Despite their amazing cosmetic work on the van, the workings under the bonnet let it down as they had to push it through the streets a few times.

Roman said: “Everyone’s reaction was just incredible.

“They all started smiling when they see the car, even road police officers.

“Everyone wants to take a picture and to touch the car, especially girls and kids like the car.

“Even people younger than 20 who usually don’t know the movie wanted to get a photo with it.”