Life Video

By David Aspinall


A cheeky toddler stole her sister’s thunder when she blew out her birthday candles.


As Becky Kelly and her family celebrated her daughter Aarionna’s eighth birthday on July 28, they all started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in front of her cake.


Waiting patiently for the end of the song, the birthday girl was sat on her dad’s knee, when suddenly, baby sister Brooklyn swooped in and blew out all the flames.


Leaving Aarionna stunned and understandably annoyed, Brooklyn could not look prouder of her efforts.


Becky, from Surprise, Arizona, said: “We thought this was hilarious.


“Brooklyn tries to blow out any candle she sees but usually refrains from blowing out other people’s birthday ones.


“She does usually find a way to steal the show though.


“We thought it was great, especially how proud she was of herself.


“It gave us and lots of our friends and family laughs for days.”