Amazing Video

By Randal Coombs

An admittedly ‘unlucky’ teenager went on her first ever skydive and had to be cut from the parachute after her first one became tied up.

Kristen Blum and her dad Jason went skydiving as a Father’s Day gift for him at a skydiving centre in Miller, Missouri.

Having jumped out of the plane at 10,00ft, Kristen and her instructor soared through the sky at 100mph before he pulled their parachute.

Pretty quickly it becomes apparent that their lines are twisted and after a few attempts to loosen them, the instructor cuts the lines.

Once the second parachute was deployed, an amazingly calm Kristen can be heard telling him: “I have really bad luck by the way.”

Jason said: “Fortunately, we all made it down safely, and I have nothing but respect for our instructors, who handled it very calmly.

“They later explained to me these cutaways happen in approximately 1-in-1,000 jumps, and typically occur a few times per year at any given jump-school.

“Kristen was a great sport about the whole thing, as you can hear on the video. She said that she will go again if the opportunity presents itself.

After a few more minutes, the pair land safely on the floor, closely followed by Jason who had watched the whole incident happen from above.

Jason said: “Essentially, the right and left groupings of lines were tangled together, causing the chute to violent flap around in a clump, instead of expanding and opening.

“I heard Kristen scream, and after a couple of failed yanks at the lines to correct the problem, I saw her chute get cut away.

“This caused her and the instructor to drop again suddenly and begin falling faster, and I could hear her scream from my position above.”