Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This loving cat rewards their owner with hugs and kisses after she dresses and cares for the disabled feline.

Eugenia Comiza cares for cats that are stray or have disabilities out of her home in Bucharest, Romania and this wholesome moment captures the essence of Eugenia’s project, Ladybug Kitty Nursery.

Eugenia was giving care to a cat that had no back legs, for unknown reasons, changing its diaper and putting an item of clothing to avoid rubbing and irritation.

Once Eugenia had finished, the cat showed their appreciation by grabbing Eugenia’s face and began licking her.

Eugenia said: “She is the only one taking care of all these cats, there are no volunteers to help her with the daily chores.

“Our aim is to re-home unwanted cats from Romania.

“These cats are coming here from all over the country, a few of them are healthy, but most of them have special needs of varying degrees.

“They are cats that suffered because of human cruelty, cats that were neglected and ended up being paralysed, cats that were born on the streets or simply abandoned like trash on the side of the road, which sadly it is very common in Romania.

“Eugenia’s mission is to provide them temporary shelter and medical care until they will be adopted. And this means a few years for some cats, especially for the paralysed ones, which are less-adoptable.”