Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane

An Etch a Sketch artist uses the beloved vintage toy to bring Disney artworks to life.

While most people scoff down a sandwich during their lunch break, Disney fan Kevin E. Davis, 48, spends his hour crafting unique and detailed works of art on the retro toy.

Rekindling his love with the vintage toy back in 1995, Kevin used to entertain his family by etching iconic characters such as Woody from Toy Story and has used the art-form as a source of relief from the stresses of his everyday life in San Jose, California, ever since.

Almost 25 years later and the process remains the same, as Kevin meticulously scrapes aluminium powder from a pain of glass, a process he compares to drawing in sand.

With the process taking up to anywhere between 15 to 37 hours, Kevin’s skill and painstaking attention to detail is drawn out over number of days and weeks.

But the effort is all worth it for the Disney fan when he brings to life Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse and even the famed Disneyland castle.

Kevin said: “I grew up with Disney movies and being a California native, Disneyland stands out.

“A friend of mine loves the Haunted Mansion at the Disneyland Resort, so I drew one of the stretched paintings.

“That led to doing the entire series which developed a Disney fan following, so I kept going with it.”

Initially, once Kevin had completed one of his masterpieces, he would simply take a picture of it and then sadly have to erase it, or it would be ruined by wandering hands.

But now, Kevin has decided not to erase his artworks from existence, but instead preserves them forever more.

Kevin said: “Even though I have glued the knobs and drained the powder the best I could in the past, someone turned the knobs and drew on the picture! Ruined.”

“Now I cut them open, remove the drawing mechanism and clean out the powder that erases the drawing.

“It feels great to have the drawings safe from curious hands.”