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By Taniya Dutta

A Brazilian model with a ‘black hairy patch’ across her face is challenging standard beauty norms and inspiring people to feel comfortable in their ‘birthmark’ skin.

Mariana Mendes Magalhães, 26, has earned fame and name in the Brazilian modelling circuit because of sheer confidence despite having CMN or Congenital Melanocytic Naevus, a type of birthmark that usually appear in new-born babies.

Mariana’s face is covered with thick black patch that begins from her eyebrows and spreads down to her nose.

But she has never felt any lesser by her unique looks and has been flaunting her beauty with confidence.


PICTURED:Mariana Mendes Magalhaes, 26, from Brazil.

Mariana says: “Many people praise me and say that I am beautiful the way I really am and there are people who say unpleasant things and do not think they can hurt.

“I want all people who have CMN to feel comfortable being who they are and not depend on aesthetic treatments, nor on the quest for a standard beauty.”

Mariana started modelling two years ago after appearing in fashion editorials in college magazines.

She took up modelling assignments to pave a way for “different” people like her in the highly demanding industry and now is fighting to create a space for those people who do not fit the usual beauty norm.

PICTURED: Mariana Mendes Magalhaes when she was younger.

She says: “I had modelled in college for fashion editorials but professionally started modelling two years ago when brands started calling me with assignments after I gave an interview in TV.

“I accepted it for the purpose of having a ‘different’ person in the media, both in photos, videos and on TV.

“I grew up seeing people I’ve never identified myself with in magazines, movies and fashion and today my biggest fight is to bring representation to the media.

“The response to my photographs was very good. I was very happy with the result and everyone reacted very well. And that’s when I decided to represent people who feel different, because different is beautiful and must be shown

PICTURED:Mariana Mendes Magalhaes, 26, from Brazil.