Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

A fearless hiker hand fed meat to a brazen bear.

Zack Brown was in the Canadian wilderness in northern Alberta when he encountered the black bear on May 23.

The hungry beast was fairly shy but as soon as it saw Zack offering some beaver meat, it could not resist.

Zack watched on and kept still while the bear timidly walked up him and snatched the meat off the knife.

The bear ran off into the wilderness to enjoy the free snack.

Zack said: “I’ve had some close situations but since black bears are so afraid of us, they often won’t come close enough to feed by hand.

“Before I fed the bear it was circling my quad since it smelled the food.

“I was feeling pretty excited as the bear was getting closer.

“I’ve always wanted to hand feed a bear so I was happy it was finally going to happen.”