Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A ghostly spirit was spotted running down a household’s driveway only four days after the death of the grieving homeowner’s father.

Björn Meland, 47, was casually looking over the footage from the surveillance camera attached to his home in Knivsta, Sweden, not expecting to see anything of much interest.

But then, out of the darkness, Björn spotted a ghostly, floating mass that quickly ran down the driveway and out of shot.

Even though Björn states he doesn’t believe in ghosts, he couldn’t find any other explanation for the spectral figure and its reflection in the windows of his home, especially considering Björn’s wife’s father passed away only four days prior to the sighting.

Björn said: “I got really creeped when I saw the video, because it really looks like a shadow moving around my front bumper and then between my car and my house.”