Video Viral

By Neo Bye

Video from inside the continuing Hong Kong protests shows how protestors deal with tear gas by covering cannisters with cones and dousing them in water.

As the almost two-month long protests against the extradition treaty continued, photographer Joseph Anthony decided to take a closer look on August 5 and positioned himself outside the Admiralty MTR underground station.

With tear gas causing a visible problem – some protestors can be seen washing their eyes out – the groups have had to come up with a way to negate the effects.

While using umbrellas to protect themselves, people have used plastic traffic cones to cover the smouldering cannisters before funnelling bottles of water over the smoke.

Joseph said: “Even though Carrie Lam did a U-turn, the Hong Kong people continue to protest because they have a list of demands which have not yet been met.

“These include a complete withdrawal of the bill, the withdrawal of the ‘riot’ characterisation of the June 12 protests, the unconditional release of all arrested protesters, the formation of an independent commission of inquiry into police behaviour, as well as universal suffrage.”

Joseph added: “The overriding feeling I had was the feeling of compassion from everyone.

“There was nothing aggressive about the protesters.

“Everyone was really helpful and considerate to each other even when the tear gas became frequent.

“One guy saw I had an issue with my mask.

“I didn’t ask him to do anything but he immediately offered to fix the problem with a tool kit he had on him.

“You can really sense the pain and worry of these Hong Kong people.

“They feel as though they aren’t being heard and can only stage strikes and protests out of exasperation.

“They are not inherently violent people, these are mainly very young men and women.”