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By Federico Cornetto

A small dog has gained impressive agility and strength thanks to his owner’s training.

Staffordshire bull terrier Romeu, two, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, weighs only 14 kilos and stands 37cm at the shoulder.

However, the tiny pooch can leap five metres across the air, run up tree trunks and move parked cars with the only help of his muscles.

Pic from Caters News. Pictured: Romeu jumping in the air to catch

Owner Renato Videira, 31, has been training Romeu for only four months and he expects him to become even stronger in the times to come.

Renato said: “In the past, Staffordshire bull terriers used to be fighting dogs.

“Today they are mostly kept as house pets and they weigh between 18 and 20 kilos.

“Thanks to his training, Romeu only weighs 14 kilos and displays all the incredible strength typical of this breed.

“We started training as a hobby and now we do it multiple times a week.

“Our bond got better and better and we became best friends.”

Pic from Caters News. Pictured: Romeu smiling.