Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall

A group of farmers in China have been producing some of their weirdest food you’ll ever see – including apples in the shape of love hearts and watermelons that look like a human SKULL.

Farmer Steven Ding has managed to grow square watermelons, and ever pears in the shape of Buddhas.

The strange fruits are created by growing them inside a clear mould.

And Steven has now set up a firm selling the moulds to other farmers who think unusually-shaped fruit will help them sell more produce.

Steven said :”We started growing the fruits on our farm and we realised that anything that is different, unique, and out of this world has a guaranteed success in any market.

“We started selling them at our local fruit shop and they sold out, so we opened an online store.

“We’ve been testing so we know which fruits work best in which mould.

“The moulds in the shape of a baby sell best in China, but they skull mould is the best seller in the USA.”