Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane

Three explorers ended up losing their car and had to be saved by police while exploring a haunted desert ghost-town in UAE.

Al Madam is an abandoned town in the middle of the desert in the United Arab Emirates, which was once said to be inhabited by local tribes.

But that was until Vignesh Yoganand, 22, decided to drag his friends Kavishka Adipathy and Mohammed Owais, both 20, along from Dubai for the 70km trip to go exploring.

Due to the thick, sinking sand, the trio had to leave their car in the desert in order to reach the rumoured haunted town by foot.

As the friends finally arrived at the town, they explored the empty homes, many of which had been overrun with sand and only unwanted and discarded furniture remained, adding to incredibly eerie vibe of the town.

The three young man initially laughed and joked, but the longer they remained there, the more uneasy they felt in the deserted town of sand and silence.

Vignesh said: “Although we didn’t see anything physical, we found that the place echoed and my friends were very creeped about being there, they didn’t want to stay longer once it got dark because they were scared.”

Once dusk settled, the group decided to head back to their car but as it got darker, the three friends realised that they couldn’t find their ride home in the pitch black of the desert night.

Vignesh said: “We started heading home but since it was too dark, we couldn’t find our car and we were lost in the desert without any food or water!

“When we couldn’t find our car, we felt hopeless because we were extremely exhausted and tired.

“All the sand dunes looked the same so we had no idea which direction our car was in and we couldn’t see what we were walking on and had to use our mobile torches to tread carefully in order not slip anywhere.

“We needed to find our car because it was our only way back out of the desert and to get home.”

Desperate times called for desperate measures, as the friends decided that the only way out of their dire situation was to call the Police for help.

Vignesh said: “Once we had been walking for two hours on foot and giving up hope, we decided to sit down on the sand, save our energy and call the Police.

“Within 90 minutes we saw a car light and we knew that it was the cops!”

After the police helped the trio find their car, they drove out of the desert and got home safely.