By Ben Walley

A coffee lover miraculously pours himself a cup – out of thin air.

Abishek Das, 24, made this mind boggling video of him making coffee appear from the unknown.

Abishek can be seen waking up out of bed, magically pulling out a sachet of coffee powder and filling the glass with hot water from his hand.

This magic video is more than what meets the eye though – in fact, it’s not magic at all!

The IT assistant claims his tricks are actually down to digital editing.

Abishek  from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, said: “I am not a magician. I do magic with the help of software. So you could call me a digital magician!

“The idea for it came to me when I was having a morning coffee, and I thought how cool it would be to make it look quick and easy to have a coffee when I wake up.

“I always try to be different. I am a big fan of Zach King, the famous guy who does magic videos on vines.

“After watching him I decided to create short videos, but when I checked YouTube, everyone had copied him.

“So I started to make videos with my own ideas.

“I love making magic videos! They are all on my Instagram ‘Sreeabishek’

“The Pepsi Can Webcam Magic Trick video is one of my favourite videos.”