The playful owl camouflaged itself so well, making it impossible to spot between the trees.

Rob Borovsky, 51,  a remarketing manager from Alberta, Canada was visiting the area to capture wildlife images and was lucky enough to capture the owl even though it was hidden.

The images were taken earlier this year, close to the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta, Canada.

Rob said: “I enjoy the challenge of looking for wildlife in its natural environment and then spending time photographing the subject in its natural habitat.

“The intended image was of a great grey owl and how he blended into the tree trunk merely because of it’s natural camouflaged feathers.

“ Had it not moved its head and I not spotted its yellow eyes, he would have been virtually invisible.

“ I was driving with my fiancee along the long gravel covered country road looking for any wildlife we could find.

“After I spotted the great grey owl, I observed him flying in front of the tree canopy, hunting for rodents.

“Obviously he was quite visible while flying, although very silent.

A fantastic opportunity to photography a great grey owl in its own environment.

“This is why owls in general are so hard to find-they blend into their backgrounds so well and are so quiet.

“It does take a certain skill and understanding of these owls to locate them. “

Did you find him?