Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A trickster combined his two biggest passions by surfing and balancing a hockey puck at the same time.

Florentin Montulov, 28, used to be a professional hockey player after falling in love with the sport at the tender age of seven, but his career was unfortunately cut short due to an injury.

Now playing Hockey at an amateur level, Florentin has carved a whole new path for himself by combining his first and new love, hockey and surfing.

Filmed in Khabarovsk, Russia, Florentin manages to stay afloat on a surfing board while balancing a puck at the tip of his stick.

Florentin said: “I decided that it would be very interesting to try my hand and combine Hockey and Surfing.

“When I did it, I was very happy because I wanted to try it for a long time.”