Video Viral

By Neo Bye

An unlucky skater dislocated his elbow after a fall before casually popping it back into place.

Eric Morales was skating through his local park in Bellflower, California, when he made a jump off one of the bowls.

Upon landing, his board goes flying from underneath him causing him to slam wrist first into the floor and popping his elbow joint out of place.

Handling the ghastly sight and clear pain pretty well, Eric manages to sit down before calmly moving the protruding joint back into place.

Eric said: “The pain was about a 7 considering i have a high pain tolerance.

My elbow dislocated because i landed on my wrist and down slid on it.

“This was a first for me and it was my worst injury in the last 12 years I have been skateboarding.

“When it was put back into place, I felt immediate relief but was still in pain.

“I immediately went to the hospital and was put in a cast for a week.”