Animals Video

By Mollie Mansfield

A dad-of-two has captured heart-stopping drone footage showing a curious shark swimming up to a surfer.

Mark Zucconi, 53, was flying his drone last month, July 7, over the North Avoca Beach, New South Wales, Australia, when he noticed some surfers paddling approximately 30 metres offshore.

Taking a closer look at the surfers, Mark, from Kincumber, Australia, noticed a curious Grey Nurse Shark approaching one of them adrenaline junkies.

Zooming in closer, Mark witnessed the two-metre-long shark swim up to the unsuspecting diver – who quickly lifted his legs onto the board to avoid being bitten by the predator.

Mark said: “As usual at this beach, surfers gather and usually they tend to just be left alone but on this occasion a curious Grey Nurse Shark – approximately 2.1 meters in length – decided to take a look at them.

“It happened so quick, I initially thought the surfers had seen the shark but obviously this surfer hadn’t.

“As the shark approached the surfer actually took his legs off the length off the board and slid them down beside the board just as the shark comes to investigate what he sees as potential food.

“I’m not to sure who got the bigger shock, the surfer or the shark – but I’m guessing the surfer!

“There have been a number of attacks in the last few weeks and it seems the usually placid Grey nurse is in a lot more of an agitated state.

“I do consider this surfer lucky that he didn’t end up with an exploratory bite.”