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By Federico Cornetto 

A young entrepreneur has launched a business where he calls people to break bad news to them.

Construction worker and comedian Jonathan Chalk, 29, has put his bluntness and sense of humour to good use by starting a one-man venture where he takes up requests to tell people uncomfortable truths.

Whether you need to break up with someone, fire them or just tell them they should go on a diet, Jonathan will call them on your behalf and go through the awkward conversation for you.

He will not charge but take free donations for his ruthless performances.

Jonathan said: “I have always been blunt, and the idea of doing this came to me when I was pitching comedy bits with my friends.

“So, I started my Facebook page Jon Breaks Bad News, which reached 30,000 likes in the space of a week.”

Jonathan says that, while some of the calls are clearly pranks done by friends on each other, his new occupation can get dramatic very quickly.

He said: “Some of the most epic calls were a guy who asked me to call his ex-wife and tell her he would no longer pay for childcare.

“When I got in touch with her, she then asked me to call him back to tell him that the child was not his anyway.

“Another time a kid asked me to call his stepdad to tell him he didn’t like him.

“The stepdad took it so badly that he wanted to fly me out to the UK to fight him.

“Some of the calls are hilarious, while the most serious ones I sometimes refrain from posting.”

Other than receiving donations, Jonathan has the help of a Patreon and also sells t-shirts online.

Requests for breaking bad news can be sent to Jonathan by messaging his Facebook account