Amazing Video

By Hollie Bone and Leah Fox

A teenager was astonished to hook a 25lb carp in a city river – the biggest caught there since 1856.

Proud Kaden McCarthy, 15, caught the aquatic giant in the River Irwell, near his home in Salford, Greater Manchester, on Saturday [Jul 27].

At an astonishing 25lb, the white common carp is believed to be the largest hooked in the Irwell, once considered England’s dirtiest river, since the 1850s.

Pic by Mercury Press- (Pictured: Kaden McCarthy with the biggest fish hooked in River Irwell.)

Student Kaden said: “I was absolutely buzzing to catch it.

“The type of fish hasn’t been around in about five years, mainly because they’re quite hard to find and the river’s not very clean.

“They’re also clever fish and strong too which made it more challenging to catch.

“I’m really proud that I’ve caught the biggest fish in the Irwell since the 1850s.”

Kaden, who began fishing with his uncle Phil when he was six years old, had the fish on the line for 20 minutes before having to physically jump into the river to pull it out.

Pic by Mercury Press-(Pictured: Kaden McCarthy with some of the fish he has caught over the years)

Mike Duddy, who works for an ecology charity, confirmed that it was the biggest fish hooked since 1856 by comparing the carp’s mass to publicly published records.

The catch also shows that the Irwell is getting cleaner, after once being deemed the dirtiest river in Europe.

Kaden joined the world’s oldest fishing club, Salford Friendly Anglers’ Society, aged eight and has been impressing older members with his impressive catches ever since.

Mike, who is also chairman of the angling club, said: “I think it’s fantastic – from the moment he started with us, he’s consistently caught bigger and better fish.

“All the adults of the club are in awe and always look forward to the summer holidays when he has more of a chance to go fishing – some are even joking that they’re embarrassed, being more experienced anglers.

“Kaden’s got a bit of magic in him that sets him apart from other anglers – it just goes to show what young people can do with fishing.”

Kaden believes other Irwell anglers have previously caught the same common white carp when it was smaller.

He is now hoping to reel in further colossal fish this weekend at a fishing trip in Oxford.

He added: “I’m hoping for more success on this trip – I’d like to catch a 30lb or 50lb one next!”