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By Dan Coles

This is the hilarious moment a cat rolls her eyes at her owner for getting told to stop eating.

19-year-old Serena Asfan, from Albuquerque, USA, was filming her beloved cat Tiramisu, three, when she started to chomp on the grass beside her.

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: Serena Asfan, 19, from Albuquerque, USA)

When Serena told her not to, the hilariously sassy cat did not hold back and showed Serena exactly what she thought of being told to stop – by rolling her eyes at her.

Serena posted the video online and it has since had nearly two million views on twitter, with floods of likes and comments purrring in from all over the world.

Serena said: “It was such a lucky video to get because it’s the last thing anyone would expect a cat to do.

“I let my cat explore our backyard for a bit and she started eating the grass, I told her to stop because she usually throws up every time she eats grass so this time I scolded her for it and she rolled her eyes at me.

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: Tiramisu, three)

“She is a very loving cat once she is comfortable around you, she loves being petted, she loves cuddles and loves to sleep anywhere and everywhere except for the bed I bought for her.

“I can’t believe how much the video blew up online, so many people were commenting and sharing it, it’s currently got just under two million views and is still growing.”

Although the video is completely in jest, and has created a funny buzz online, Serena has faced some backlash for scalding her cat in the video.

Serena said: “A lot of people on Twitter were upset that I scolded her for eating grass because cats eat grass to help their digestive system.

“I knew this already and the video was taken as a joke, but unfortunately, some people on the internet can’t take a joke.”

PIC FROM Caters News