Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley

A daredevil took a huge risk when he became the first person to BASE jump off a cathedral that stands only 108 metres tall.

YouTuber and adrenaline junkie BASEWEEKLY likes to challenge himself and decided Zagreb Cathedral in Croatia would be his new focus.

Scaling the building at night in April, he managed to get to the top of the church where he could check his parachute and equipment for one last time.

Almost as soon as he leaps into the cool night air, he pulls his chute before descending pretty quickly to the deserted square below.

He said: “Nobody has jumped from the cathedral before.

“I just had enough time to open the chute and land safely.

“It’s a super low freefall into a difficult landing area.

“The climb was also scary.

“Before the jump I was extremely scared and anxious.

“To be honest I thought about climbing down.”