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By Jack Mobley

A prankster walked around the streets of Virginia and challenged passers-by to a water fight by tossing them a super soaker.

Josh Roth took to the streets Richmond with the plan to cool off in the baking heat with two water guns on July 18.

Josh’s plan was to throw people a gun and challenge them to a water fight, to begin with people are reluctant to play along but as the day really heats up, the challenge is accepted.

Certain water gun wielders fully embrace the fight and try to soak everyone in sight in a fun and silly video.

Josh said: “It was mad hot so we bought two water guns, filled them up, and walked up to people and tossed them one, just to see if they were down for a quick fight.

“My friend Hallelujah came up with this idea and pitched it to me at first, I said ‘man I don’t know if people are gonna like that’.

“I couldn’t have been more wrong!

“People had a chance to put their phone down for a few minutes and enjoy the moment, everyone walked away happy.”