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By Joe McFarlane 

These incredibly adorable bunny rabbits have such massive and pointy ears that look like toys you can pick from a shelf.

Euphely Herbreteau, 26, works as an agricultural farmer in Saint Martin des Noyers, France.

But since 2010, Euphely has also bred the cutest and most adorable English Angora and Angoran Dwarf Rabbits.

PIC FROM Caters News

Euphely’s collection are so fluffy they look more like plush dolls from a toy store, with one particular Rabbit named Marty des Toons stealing the spotlight with his massive Bugs Bunny-esque ears.

Euphely said: “I am passionate about animals and I love breeding.

“I raise Rabbits to improve the breeds we have here and to value every baby born at home.

“I have a lot of Rabbits because I have enough time to devote to them.”

PIC FROM Caters News –

But what does it take to breed such beautiful Rabbits?

Euphely said: “To have nice fur takes regular brushing, several times a week.

“English Angora Rabbits need to be shorn several times a year because the fur becomes too big.”

PIC FROM Caters News

And clearly all that time and dedication has paid off, as Euphely’s clients range from far and wide.

Euphely said: “We export Rabbits to Spain, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Sweden.”

PIC FROM Caters News