Animals Video

By Esté Langeveldt

A hippo really bowled people over when he plodded across the green in the middle of a match.

Shirly Visbach was enjoying a game with friends at the St Lucia Bowling Club in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, when it sauntered past.

Grabbing her phone, she quickly filmed the beast as the players watched on from the safety of the pavilion.

But in the relaxed spirit of bowls the hippo appeared completely undisturbed.

The animal stops briefly to sniff a marking before heading to the other side of the field.

In the video, one man jokes: “Hey Glen, you said you wanted new members, yeah?

“But he’s a little bit big for the field man.”

Shirly, 38, from the Netherlands, said: “We were playing a game of lawn bowls, when the hippo walked onto the grass just 10 metres away from us.

“He took us completely by surprise.

“He seemed very relaxed, and we didn’t feel in any danger at all.

“In fact we were all pretty excited.

“Fortunately he walked on by without disturbing the game too much.”