Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto  

This is the heart-warming moment a girl burst into tears after being surprised with an adorable piglet.

Student Jewel Parr, 18, was sitting in a car when her dad, Solen, 46, surprised her with the baby pig last week, July 23, in Rockledge, Florida.

After hiding the piglet under his shirt, Solen passed the present through the open car window to Jewel who was sitting on the passenger side.

Jewel’s sister, Jade, 20, filmed the teen’s adorable reaction as she hugged the tiny animal and immediately burst into tears.

Jewel named the one-month-old pig Juju and created her her own social media following the video of the surprise reaching nine million views on social media.

Jade, a student, said: “Jewel had been asking my parents for a pet pig since she was five-years-old.

“Finally, my dad got a chance to buy her one and we were all looking forward to surprise her with it.

“I was expecting her to cry but not this much.

“Then my dad started crying as well while I was laughing out loud.”