Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

This is the moment a team of lifeguards saved the life of a child who was caught in the backwash of ferocious waves.

Student Flavio Logiudice filmed the dramatic scene taking place at the Lido Ulivarella beach in Palmi, Italy, this week, July 29.

Despite the beach being almost empty due to rough seas, a boy – who is believed to be 11-years-old – had ventured into the waves.

He became trapped and needed the help of two lifeguards and fellow beachgoers who used a rope to drag him out of the waves.

Flavio, 20, said: “The kid was uninjured, but he was scared and the waves had stripped him of his swimming kit.

“I don’t know who the kid was.

“There have been other similar events here when people swam during rough seas, however the lifeguards have always done a great job to keep the beach safe.”