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By Kristiana Hall

A collection of buildings across the world have been transformed by a talented 3D graffiti artist.

Manuel Di Rita, 39, an artist, from Venice, Italy, has been practising his graffiti skills since 1993 and has transformed buildings in numerous countries including Mannheim, Germany, Padova, Italy, Hong Kong, China, Lisbon, Portugal and Vancouver, Canada.

PIC FROM @peeta_ead/Caters News

Manuel was inspired during a trip to Barcelona, Spain and when he discovered the German and Dutch 3D graffiti tradition.

Manuel – who has painted a graffiti in almost every continent –  says each graffiti masterpiece takes him between 10 to 20 days to complete and it is all organised through the buildings owners.

PIC FROM @peeta_ead/Caters News

He added: “The standard process consists of taking pictures of the spot and calculating the exact size of the wall and of every architectural component of the facade.

“Then studying the surrounding environment and context from both natural and architectonic than social and cultural points of view, virtually design the wall using parametric design soft-wares mainly and finally paint it using brushes rolls and acrylic varnish.”

PIC FROM @peeta_ead/Caters News