Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

An artist who makes purposefully terrible, Picasso-esque drawings of celebrities received an awful Ariana Grande tattoo based off his unique artwork.

Skilled tattoo artist Roy Lee Rowlett, 31, usually receives requests to make beautiful, awe-inspiring pieces of art from his clients who visit his Spring St. Tattoo parlour in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

However, the 14-year veteran had to use all his skills in order to bring to life a terrible Ariana Grande portrait that his best friend drew.

The piece, drawn by Twitter user Kevin Park, a.k.a Tw1tterpicasso, depicts the pop superstar in a bizarre, unflattering Picasso-esque way, with a giant, disfigured forehead.


Roy said: “Kevin is one of my best friends. We made jokes about Kevin getting a tattoo of one of his pieces and one day he decided to get it.

“He thought Ariana Grande was the funniest so that’s the one he went with. It was one of the funnest tattoos I’ve done in a long time.”

After taking an hour to bring the distorted portrait to life on Kevin’s thigh, both Roy and Kevin were thrilled with the finished piece.

Roy said: “I love the finished piece, and Kevin loves it.”