Animals Video

By David Aspinall

One thirsty pig couldn’t hold their drink as they continuously urinated while slurping from a trough.

Entertainer Noah Kelly, 48, couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted sausage the 19-week-old pig enjoying a big refreshing drink and a bathroom break at the exact same time.

The bizarre footage, that Noah managed to capture at a pig meeting at his home in Compton Bishop, Somerset, shows the large Gloucester Old Spot simultaneously drinking and urinating.

Noah said: “It was a hot day for the Pigs and Sausage was having a lovely big drink. She then started having a wee but didn’t stop drinking.

“When she started, I thought it was funny, my inner child thinks that kind of thing is great, but then as I watched it started to look like an illusion where it was going in one end and out the other.”