Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

Two humpback whales put on a show by breaching just 10 metres away from a tourist boat.

Traveller Ali Campbell was whale watching off the coast of Byron Bay in Australia when the two behemoths began breaching on July 12.

The whales were swimming past the boat but as they got close to the vessel, they started to leap out of the water in a jaw-dropping moment.

But not just once, the whales continued to dive back down and breach again and again, all this taking place just metres away from the boat.

The video was obstructed and ends before more breaches could be caught on camera.

Ali said: “While we kept our distance from the beautiful creatures these guys came up real close and put on an impressive little show.

“We were all awestruck to say the least, I had goosebumps!

“Must have been less than 10 metres away, they were very close you can even see the ripples in the water from the splash reach the boat very quickly!

“Out of all the breaches I’ve seen from land, I don’t think I’ve seen one breach 5 times in a row like this.”