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By Joe McFarlane

A tiny pooch managed to keep their owner calm in order to overcome an extreme seizure.

Angelique Busko used to live an ordinary life in her home of Essex, Ontario, but suddenly began to suffer from seizures after a bout of sickness, which occurred after she received a vaccination.

Filmed on July 18, Angelique’s mother captured the moment her daughter began to suffer from a seizure in bed.

Pic by Caters News

Though the 20-year-old tries to stay calm in order to prevent the seizure from getting worse, it began to take over her entire body.

Angelique’s mother also decided to bring over little Sadie, who calmly laid next to Angelique, and began tenderly licking and kissing her face.

Remarkably Angelique’s seizure began to slow down, enough for her to nap and have a rest in order to regain her strength and get back to normal.

Angelique said: “I think Sadie managed to calm me by kissing and licking me because she could sense something was wrong.

“I felt more relaxed and at ease when I knew my dog was there. She brings me comfort and helps me with my anxiety.

“I have a really special bond with Sadie. I got her almost six months ago and she’s always by my side 24/7. She follows me everywhere.”

Pic by Caters News

Now two years later, the 20-year-old still suffers from seizures on an almost daily basis.

Without being able to work, Angelique has turned her time and attention to documenting her journey to become seizure free by posting her videos to YouTube.

Though Angelique may not know what causes her seizures, one of her videos has proven there is definitely one little lady who can help her overcome them, Sadie the adorable five-year-old Shih Tzu and Maltese cross.

Angelique said: “My right cheek started pulling to the side and I had no control.

“My mom rubbed my head and neck and different parts of my body to try and stimulate the vagus nerve.”

To this day Angelique isn’t sure what causes her seizures, and they’ve impacted her life to the extent that she can’t work due to the fact the extreme seizures which can cause Angelique to choke on her own drool and can occur at almost any time.

Pic by Caters News

Angelique said: “I am more likely to have a seizure If I don’t get enough sleep, if I don’t eat right, if I’m nervous or have anxiety.

“I get a loud ringing in my ears which makes it hard for me to hear. I started to feel burning, tingling and numbness in my chest, legs, and arms. My cheek will pull to the side and I can’t talk. I also can’t really see. They usually last a few minutes.

“After my seizures stop, I can’t talk or pronounce words.

“It usually takes me a half hour to an hour until I’m back to my normal self.”