Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

Spectators were treated to a side of chaos with their fried chicken as a fight broke out between a customer and a staff member in a KFC.

Ivan Nikolov, 21, was casually waiting in line to order his dinner at his local KFC on July 27 in Brixton, London, when a fiery fight broke out between a disgruntled customer and angry staff member.

Taking place at around 5pm, Ivan managed to capture the moment the customer threw a ‘Wet-Floor’ sign at the unsuspecting staff member.

Other customers and staff members were caught up in the carnage and were forced to intervene in order to stop the fight escalating as the startled staff member brandished the same sign for protection.

Ivan said: “The customer felt ignored by the staff as she couldn’t place an order for two minutes as it was busy and started behaving badly once her order was posted.

“Watching the fight made me feel funny as usually I see these kinds of situations on the internet but I never thought I would see one in reality.”