Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto 

A massive tortoise has enjoyed his 60th birthday by munching on a fruit cake.

Henry is a 60-year-old Aldabra giant tortoise, meaning he’s the oldest reptile the Clyde Peeling’s Reptliand Zoo in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, has ever hosted.

On July 20, staff at the Zoo organised Henry’s birthday party and invited over 20 guests to attend a lecture on the animal and watch him devour his well-deserved fruit cake.

Zookeeper Katherine Allen, 29, says Henry is not quite in his senior years yet, as he’s expected to live up to 150 years old.

Katherine said: “Henry has been with us since 2004, and we expect him to live many more years, probably to the age of 150.

“He belongs to a species of tortoise native to the Seychelles.

“In the while these tortoises will live just over 120 years, but here he’s spoiled and we expect him to live a lot longer.”