Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This patient was suffering from ram’s horn nail until Harley Street podiatrist, Marion Yau carved away any bacteria in this satisfying clip.

Miss Foot Fixer, Marion Yau was approached by a client with an uncomfortable and unusual growth in their nail, as it curved and dug into the skin.

But Marion had all of the appropriate tools and knowledge to help her patient, beginning by sterilising the nail and using her clippers to trim away any infected nail.

The majority of the discoloured nail is successfully removed and Marion used her specialised nozzle to intricately clean the remaining nail to remove any bacteria that could cause secondary infection.

The big toe was then dressed and the patient was sent on their way.

Marion said: “This patient was worried about her toenail as she had taken off her nail polish and saw it was green.

“Trauma, over pedicure, contamination from dirty pedicure salon’s tools, long term exposer to water, long term use of nail polish or gel polish can be some of the causes.

“The nail can look unsightly and discoloured and the nail can become thick and this can lead to pain within the toe.

“We cleaned as much of the infection away and took the nail for testing to check for fungus and bacteria and a topical medication was prescribed.”