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By Joe McFarlane 

A group of rescued baby baboons were quick to make friends with everyone at their new animal sanctuary home, from warthogs and humans to cats and dogs.

Lettie, Dirkie and Angel are all rescued Cape baboons that now spend their days lounging around enjoying the good life at the Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia.

The trio, made up two females and a male whose ages vary from seven months to two-years-old, were orphans that were taken to the sanctuary by kind-hearted people who found them alone.

Pic by Caters News

But the traumatic start to the trio’s life has not put a dampener on their fresh start as they have proven to be the socialites of the sanctuary.

From hopping on warthogs, to pulling on the cat’s tails and even having a go at trying to get milk directly from the female Dogs of the sanctuary, the Baboons have made friends with everybody.

Siff Carlsen, 23, of the Harnas Wildlife Foundations said: “It often happens that orphaned Baboons gets close to the dogs on the farm.

“They will grow up with these dogs who will act as a comfort since the orphaned babies need to be cared for.

Pic by Caters News

Little Lettie, who is just seven months old has even struck up a special bond with Panda the black and white cat.

Siff said: “When Lettie was just a month old, she grew a special bond with Panda.

“When Lettie was on the lawn, Panda would always be nearby. This made Lettie feel safe and so she would follow Panda wherever she went.

“Baboons are extremely social and caring. In their group, they have a social system and hierarchy.

Pic by Caters News

“They interact a lot with each other. They will groom each other and lip smack at each other to show affection.

“They are also like that with other animals and humans. They will groom you and make sounds and talk to you.

“They are very loving and clever animals with strong personalities.”