Nature Video

By Federico Cornetto

A terrified boat technician has filmed a violent storm thrashing the craft he was on as a tornado hit the US coast.

Marine technician Corey Smith was working on a boat anchored at Chatham Harbour, Pennsylvania, when suddenly a violent storm rolled in and started shaking the craft as well as those moored around it.

It happened as the EF-1 tornado ravaged Cape Cod, PA, this week, July 23, with winds reaching an intensity of 110 mph.

“This is insane!” Corey shouted as he held on to the boat’s deck while waves roared around him.

Corey, 27, said: “I was working on this boat for a customer when the storm rolled in faster than I anticipated.

“The craft I was on only sustained damage to its canvas.

“Amazingly it stayed intact while many boats all around it capsized or were otherwise wrecked.

“I personally had never been in a situation remotely close to this before.”