Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

Two Mario Kart fans took their love of the game to new heights by turning the aisles of their local supermarket into a real-life banana skin-ridden racetrack.

Many video game fans are excited at the prospect of the planned Super Nintendo World that will be heading to Universal Theme Parks worldwide in a few short years.

But for two fans, the wait for their favourite games to be brought to life was just too long, and instead decided to bring the world of Super Mario to their local Walmart in Linn Grove, Indiana on July 3rd.

Coy Wickey, 21, and Brian O’Donnell, 20, stepped into the pixelated shoes of Mario and Luigi and turned the supermarket aisle ways into a real-life Mario Kart track.

Using shopping carts as their race-karts and trying their best to avoid familiar obstacles such as banana skins, the pair were dedicated to bringing their beloved game to life.

But the fun ended abruptly when Luigi found himself skidding into the shelves due to a strategically placed banana skin by Mario.

Luigi’s dramatic clatter to the floor grabbed the attention of a furious supermarket employee.

Coy said: “We felt a lot of pressure to get it right in one take.

“We knew that if Luigi was going to tumble from the banana Mario threw, the worker was going to kick us out instantly.

“The worker told us that we needed to leave.”