Video Viral

By Neo Bye

A skateboarder had a lucky escape when he crashed into the side of an SUV after crossing a junction.

Cooper Oldfield was skating through Launceston, Tasmania, on March 22 when he came to a junction at some speed.

Without looking for traffic, the 19-year-old went into the road and smashed into the side of an SUV, sending himself flying to the tarmac.

Incredibly, despite the speed he had built up, the apprentice carpenter only suffered a fracture on his right tibia and a small brain bleed.

Cooper said: “I’ve been off work for more than four months now.

“I can’t remember the accident it happened about 9 o’clock at night and it knocked me out till about 12 the next day.”

“If I had seen the car, I would have stopped I’m a pretty good bomber I can power slide very easily.”

“The pain wasn’t amazingly bad I had a compression fracture on my right tibia and a small brain bleed on the left side. Have been off work for about 4 and a half months now.”