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By Hollie Bone

An adorable street pup who was hung up by a METAL HOOK to be used as meat has escaped the slaughterhouse and found his forever home after making an incredible recovery from his horrifying injuries.

Fluffy mutt Oscar was found emaciated and with a gaping hole through the roof of his mouth on the streets of Thailand in April, by dog rescuer, Michael Chour.

Michael, who runs the Sound of Animals Foundation, said Oscar’s injuries were typical of an animal hung up and left to die in order to supply the country’s illegal dog meat trade.

But Maryz Leprohon Perso, a volunteer at the foundation, fell in love with the brave pooch and after months of treatment to heal his infected wounds and bulk up his weight he has flown back home to Canada with her to start a new life.

Michael, founder of the Sound of Animals ,said: “When I found Oscar he was nearly dead.
“I rushed him to the shelter, sedated him and gave him painkillers straight away.
“He stopped breathing twice and I resuscitated him both times, he had a huge fever and was in septic shock from the hole through his nose and mouth.
“We believe he’d had a hook pushed through the roof of his mouth to hang him up for meat, there was no other explanation for his injuries and we have seen this several times before.
“We can only guess that the rope holding him up broke and he managed to escape.
“The vet took x-rays, and we found that he had a broken leg and hip as well.

Pics from Sound of animals foundation / Mercury Press

“I thought about him hanging by a hook, I wondered if he was he beaten or if he broke them when he fell.
“He had been wondering around for days like this. It makes me feel very sad and so angry, how could anyone do this to a dog.”
Oscar had to have reconstructive surgery to close the hole in the roof of his mouth, but by April he had developed pneumonia and was fighting for his life again.
Michael, who has been rescuing dogs in Thailand and Cambodia for the last 15 years, noticed that despite his agonising injuries, Oscar was not aggressive and suspects he was a stolen pet.

Pics from Sound of animals foundation / Mercury Press

Despite their efforts, Michael and his team were unable to find Oscar’s original home, but were able to find him a new forever home with one of their own volunteers.
Hairdresser Maryz, 33, from Canada, had been working at Michael’s Blue Dream Shelter in Ban Kruat, Thailand, when Oscar came in and instantly fell in love.
Determined to keep her new fluffy friend, Maryz paid $650 Canadian Dollars (£400) to fly Oscar from Bangkok to the USA, and then driving him hundreds of miles to get him to home at the end of April.
With advice from Michael, Maryz is helping Oscar continue his rehabilitation, including battling his anxiety and caring for his wound, which has not yet completely closed.

Pics from Sound of animals foundation / Mercury Press

But the single dog mum says she is already hoping to adopt another dog from the Blue Dream shelter, in October.
Maryz said: “My little boy is perfect, we are in love, I am single, but I have found my man in Oscar.
“He still gets nervous about new things, I took him to the groomers and he was frightened of everything – the shampoo, the scissors, the groomer – so I am working with him to show him it isn’t dangerous and that no-one will hurt him anymore.”