Nature Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones

Daredevils who are looking for a special romantic night can now spend a night under the stars  – half way up the side of a cliff.

Couples who fancy an unforgettable night away can camp out on a 5ft hammock attached to the edge of one of Britain’s most beautiful cliff faces – but just make sure your other half doesn’t like to roll over in the night.

The tents are collapsible, and are put together at the top of the cliff, then lowered down the side of the cliffs at locations around the country and attached to the cliff face by a professional.

Brave couples then can either choose to abseil to bed, or be lowered onto the bizarre bed – before settling down for the night hundreds of feet in the air.

But for those with a fear of rolling out of bed, don’t worry – those who choose to slumber on the cliff face are attached to a main anchor point on the cliff face.

Campers can pick from spots in Torquay, North Devon, Pembrokeshire and Wye Valley.

Mountaineering instructor Kevin Roet, 39, set up Rise and Summit in a bid to offer thrill seekers an unusual night out.

He said:  “I used to be very scared of a lots of things when I was little, for example the ghost train at the fun fair, or the roller coasters -but somehow I managed to overcome my fears all by myself, and realised it was actually quite fun.

“Some people do it for the adrenaline, other people would just like to know what it is like to sleep on a portaledge for the night, as an experience.

“And aside from the adrenaline initially, it can be a romantic way to spend the evening and morning with a loved one.

“Over the years I have had different reactions, from pure excitement mixed in some nervous anticipation, to the petrified.

“Some people love the experience, and think it is the best things they have ever done, others can’t wait to get on to solid ground.

“Some people stay on the portaledge for the duration of the experience, others have asked me to bring them back to solid ground after an hour or two on the portaledge.

“From a personal point of view, when completely removed from society, watching the sun disappear over the horizon, and being so closer to nature, does wonders for the soul.

“Waking up to the sounds of the sea lapping up against the shores, or birds flying overhead, feels calming and re-energising.

“To remove some comfort from everyday life, and living simply just for one evening, makes one appreciate the comforts in life.”

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