Video Viral

By Neo Bye

A woman was ‘disgusted’ to discover an Amazon delivery driver appearing to poo in her back garden.

Civil servant Rebekah Read arrived home on July 15 and noticed a man in a high visibility jacket jumping over a fence into their garden before squatting in her back garden and appearing to defecate by a tree.

In their Wiltshire house, Rebekah and her brother looked on as the unidentified man appeared to soil the yard and littering it with a plastic bag containing the filthy toilet paper.

Afterwards, the driver hopped back over the fence and was confronted by Rebekah’s brother who claimed the driver was not fluent in English and professed not to know what had happened and did not offer to clear the mess.

Rebekah later filed a complaint with Amazon and was compensated with £100

credit to the popular online store.

Rebekah said: “Yes it sounds funny but really isn’t.

“He felt the need to hop over our fence and do a poo in our garden and bag up the tissue and throw in the hedge then hops back over the fence and walks off!

“He was confronted and didn’t care about what he had done.

“Disgraceful behaviour from an employee of yours and for you to just say you’ll sort it.

“I didn’t order anything that day, I have ordered before and no issues.”

Amazon confirmed the driver was from an independent delivery company that provides services to Amazon.

A spokesperson for Amazon said: “We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers.

“We are taking this matter seriously and have reached out to the customer to apologize for the experience and offer our support.”