By Federico Cornetto

This is the hilarious moment a ‘drunk’ man got into a random car thinking it was an Uber.

Professional comedian Mensah, 24, from South London, could not believe his eyes when a man who appeared to be in his 50s hopped into his parked car in Reading on July 4.

An amused Mensah asked the man ‘where you’re trying to go mate?’, as he slouched in the passenger’s seat and could barely articulate his words.

The comedian repeated ‘I’m not an Uber bro’ as his passenger asked to be taken to the town’s Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Finally, kind-hearted Mensah agreed to completing the journey and got handed £20 for it.

He uploaded the video of the encounter on social media, commenting: “Last night this legend just appeared in my car out of nowhere.”

Mensah said: “He was a complete stranger and I don’t know any of his personal details.

“He came to the car and I opened the door as I thought he wanted to ask me for some information, that’s when he got in.

“I thought he’d realise I wasn’t an Uber and would leave, but turned out he stayed for the journey.

“He put me in a better mood when he started dancing with me to Stormzy.”