Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This desperate dog wants a snack and makes it known to her mum with her not-so-subtle glances towards the bag of treats.

Pipa, the Great Dane, wants her mum to give her a treat but has her ways to let her mum knows what she is thinking.

In their kitchen in Rio de Janeiro, Pipa’s big, draping eyes stare at mum, Michelle Ogg but quite obviously glances to something on the countertop.

Michelle asks Pipa what she wants and Pipa continues to dart her look back and forth between owner and snack.

Michelle finally caves into the patient pup and gives Pipa what she wants.

Michelle said: “She’s very shy with other people but cute and clumsy at home.

“She usually begs for food by giving me her paw.

“At home they never get treats for no reason, they usually have to do a trick, such as giving the paw.

“And she’s related snacks to the paw, so now that’s her way of asking for treats.”